Unionlands Cabinetry Indian Red Granite Slab Stone Countertops Granite Red Granite Slab Countertops kitchen cabinet island stone countertop

We supply wholesale Red Granite Slab Stone, which comes from Indian mines. Red Granite Slab Stone from India is commonly used in outdoor wall, pillar, tombstone and other decorations. We provide free samples for you. Welcome to leave a message to get it!
  • STONE TYPE:Natural Granite Stone
  • STONE NAME:Indian Red Granite
  • COLOR:Red
  • AVALIABLE FINSIHES:Polished/Honed/Flamed/Leather
  • THICKNESS:16mm, 18mm, 20mm, customized
  • APPLICATION:Countertop/Tile/Backsplash
  • ORIGIN:India
    • COLOR: