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White Oak vs. Red Oak Cabinets :Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the perfect wood species for your dream kitchen cabinets can be a repetitive and tedious task, especially when there are many high-quality wood options. Red oak and White oak are becoming more and more popular with homeowners, builders and designers. If you are considering oak for your kitchen, learn about their features and benefits.
How to identify White oak and red oak properties
Red oak and White oak are both large trees found throughout the United States and Canada. The wood from these two trees is widely used for a variety of purposes, from furniture to construction. When deciding which is better for your home, it helps to be able to tell the difference.
White oak has a slightly different color. White oak colors range from light to dark brown and even dark yellow. Individual white oak planks may come in different shades. The grain pattern is eye-catching, but not as prominent as red oak. The grain of white oak tends to be narrow but fine.
Red oak tends to be reddish to amber in color, while White oak tends to be more brown and yellowish in color. You can also tell red oak from White oak by their grain. Red oak is open-grained and softer than the hard, closed-grained White oak.

未染色的红橡木 未染色的白橡木 
Fig.1 - Unstained Red Oak.            Fig.2 - Unstained White Oak.

Choose oak based on your desired design style
White oak is perfect for modern design styles due to its tight, linear grain pattern. However, red oak is traditionally considered more classic. Nonetheless, it can also be used effectively in modern design styles.
Which kind of oak is right for your home?
When it comes to durability, white oak has a clear advantage. White oak is resistant to rot, making it particularly suitable for use in harsher conditions, such as in shipbuilding. White oak's natural strength also makes it more resistant to water damage, as the wood doesn't absorb moisture easily. This water and vapor resistance makes it an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen cabinet doors. Due to its resistance to moisture, white oak is also widely used in the construction of outdoor furniture or bathrooms. Rift Valley White Oak is commonly used in interior applications such as cabinet doors. Quality white oak is also a favorite material for quarter sawn lumber. Straight cut white oak is one of the most durable and stable woods you can choose for building.

The common uses of red oak are generally less intense than those of white oak. Red oak is ideal for furniture, flooring, cabinets, doors and paneling. This wood is available at most home centers. Additionally, red oak is not resistant to rot. You shouldn't really consider using it for any installation or build that might be exposed to excessive water or moisture. So red oak works better on cabinet doors away from high traffic and moisture-prone areas, or could benefit from a stronger seal or varnish to protect it.
White and red oak stains and finishes
If you are trying to decide between these two types of wood, then you should consider which stain or finish you want. Red oak can be painted, creating a textured surface on painted cabinets, while white oak is often chosen for its natural beauty and is often stained rather than painted.
Different grain patterns mean that if you prefer the natural, unstained look of wood for furniture or cabinet doors, white oak is often a better choice.
The stain adheres well to both types of wood. Red oak can be treated with anything from clear coat to dark stain, while white oak is often paired with milder stains to showcase its light, natural color.

Price comparison
White oak is more expensive than red oak. On the supply side, white oak is less available than red oak, which is more widely distributed across regions. This scarcity is a natural limitation that limits the amount of white oak available for cabinet production.
The situation is further complicated by environmental factors and forestry practices, which affect white oak growth and harvest cycles.
As a result, limited supply is struggling to meet growing demand, causing white oak prices to rise.
Make the right choice - red oak or white oak cabinets?
The choice between red oak and white oak cabinets depends primarily on your personal style preferences and budget. If you want a slightly darker color and a more traditional look, red oak may be a better choice. However, if you prefer lighter colors and a more modern aesthetic, rift-cut white oak cabinets may be the ideal choice for your kitchen.

Professional design
Whether you choose red oak or white oak, it's crucial to work with an experienced kitchen builder. Unionlands Cabinetry can guide you through the entire process, ensuring you make the right choice based on your budget, style preferences and lifestyle.
Choose White Oak vs. Red Oak Cabinets
While both red oak and white oak cabinets have their unique advantages, the final decision comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and kitchen design. Both woods have a beautiful, natural look and a high level of durability, making them great choices for kitchen cabinets. By understanding the differences between red oak and white oak, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect material for your dream kitchen.
Give your home a new look with oak cabinet doors
Both white oak and red oak are great choices for furniture and cabinet doors because they give your home a beautiful, natural look. If you're looking for white oak cabinet doors, visit Unionlands Cabinetry
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