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What is Cabinet Refacing?

Here’s a conundrum many homeowners face: Often, your cabinets can start to look dated and your cabinet doors can look worn due to their age, yet the cabinets themselves continue to perform perfectly from a functional perspective. Many homeowners believe they have to choose between getting new cabinets or making do with yesterday’s looks. Luckily, thanks to cabinet door refacing, there is also a third option that can allow homeowners to update the look of their cabinets, while saving them time and money. Read on to learn more about the impact DIY cabinet refacing can make in your home and how to reface cabinet doors at a price you can afford.

What is Cabinet Door Refacing?

The concept of cabinet refacing is simple. Instead of replacing all of your cabinets, you just replace the faces of them – the parts that people can see and that typically experience the most wear and tear. Thanks to DIY cabinet refacing, cabinets can get an upgrade and look new even though most of the internal materials are the same. Because of this, refacing cabinet doors can save you a lot of money during a renovation.

Refacing cabinet doors involves replacing a number of elements. Most importantly, you need to replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new versions sized to fit your current cabinets. You will also want to replace the cabinet hardware, including hinges, plus handles and drawer pulls if you want them, to ensure that the look is properly updated and sturdy. Lastly, to round out the look of refaced cabinets, you need to cover the visible parts of the cabinets, including the spaces around doors and on the sides with a veneer that matches the doors and fronts.

Once finished, the cabinets look entirely different. Unless you told someone the project was merely cabinet door refacing, they would think you installed completely new cabinets.

What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Door Refacing?

Are you on the fence between resurfacing and replacing your current cabinets? There are many advantages and disadvantages. When deciding between cabinet door refacing and completely replacing the cabinets, here are some of the benefits of choosing refaced kitchen cabinets instead:

- More Cost-Effective

Completely replacing your cabinets can be costly. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost can range anywhere from $13,000 to $30,000, depending on the size of your kitchen. If you don't have the budget to completely replace your cabinets, DIY cabinet refacing is a great affordable alternative that can still provide high-quality results.

- Less of a Time Commitment

The renovation process for completely replacing your cabinets can take anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on the size of your kitchen and the complexity of the project. This can impact the functionality of your kitchen, making it harder to do everyday things during the renovation. Cabinet door resurfacing takes roughly three to five days and can deliver similar results, which is a fraction of the time of a complete renovation. With refaced cabinets, you can maintain your daily routine and save time on the project.

- Provides Next-Level Results

Many homeowners choose to go with cabinet door resurfacing over a complete replacement because they want a drastic change but don't have the budget. Refaced cabinet doors are an affordable alternative for DIY enthusiasts who want to completely upgrade their kitchen design on a small budget. Whether you want a drastic change or to switch out the finish and hardware. The subtle change can deliver next-level results that align with your aesthetic choices.

- Preserves Your Current Kitchen Layout

Are you obsessed with the look and feel of your kitchen but not the style? With cabinet door resurfacing, you can preserve your current kitchen layout while upgrading the aesthetics of the space. This will simplify and streamline the renovation process.

- Eco-Friendly Alternative

Resurfacing instead of replacing is an eco-friendly alternative. With this option, you can minimize waste while getting an upgraded look and feel in your kitchen. So, you can lower your ecological footprint while achieving a fresh new makeover.

- Increase Your Home Value

Reface kitchen cabinets can also increase your overall home value. While it may not increase the home value as much as a complete renovation, you'll get a substantial increase from this low-cost investment.

Is Cabinet Refacing Always an Option?

Many people wonder if cabinet refacing is an option for their cabinets, and it’s a great question. Cabinet refacing is possible with most cabinets. However, there are some exceptions, so it’s helpful to know what you need to look out for to ensure that your cabinets are good candidates for cabinet refacing.

Don’t be Concerned With the Age of your Cabinetry

Often older cabinet construction is sturdier than newer builds, so you just need to make sure that the bones of your cabinets are in good enough shape to accept the refacing veneer and the hardware for replacement cabinet doors.

Look at the Construction of the Cabinet Box

You can evaluate whether your cabinets are good candidates for DIY cabinet refacing options by looking at the overall construction of the cabinet box. If it’s made of plywood or MDF, and you have panels that have smooth texture and no obvious damage, they can probably hold veneers. If the surfaces are not smooth, however, you could experience problems with the veneers adhering correctly.

Inspect the Face Frames

Next, you need to inspect the face frames. Solid hardwood frames that do not show any signs of rot or damage are fine to continue using as they will hold veneers and provide a firm anchor when you screw in new cabinet hardware. If you have a few damaged frames, it may be possible to replace just those cabinets and reface the rest. However, don’t attempt to use damaged face frames, no matter how tempting it may be. Using damaged frames will result in being unable to anchor the cabinet doors properly and the veneer will be unlikely to adhere properly.

Inspect the Internal Hardware

The internal hardware in your cabinetry is the last thing to evaluate, which includes the drawer tracks and the shelving equipment. If the drawers don’t work as they should, the hardware is worn out and cannot be replaced, or the internal shelving is damaged or insufficient, it may not be worth going through with cabinet door refacing. Even if the cabinets will look great, it’s probably not worth the cost if they function poorly. However, if all of your hardware and shelving is in good shape, and your cabinets are smooth, solid, and undamaged, you’re ready to move forward with your cabinet refacing

How Do I Get Started With Cabinet Door Refacing?

If you decide you want to start looking into how to resurface cabinet doors, there are a few steps you'll need to take to get the perfect fit:

1. Set a Budget For Your Project

Before you get started, it's best to set a budget. This will ensure you find a style and finish that complements your desired look without breaking the bank.

2. Examine Your Cabinets

Next, examine your current cabinets. Look at the insides, outsides, and underneath the cabinets. Ensure the drawers work correctly and your cabinet's integrity is still intact. If everything looks okay, you can decide how to proceed with the refacing cabinet door process.

3. Research Different Styles and Finishes

The style you choose will dictate the look and feel of your space. Whether you're adding a stain to new cabinet doors, upgrading the hardware, or doing both. When investing in reface cabinet doors, you'll want to research the different styles and finishes to ensure your investment aligns with your vision.

4. Take Measurements

Next, you'll need to measure the width and height of your current cabinet doors. If you decide to replace the cabinet doors, you'll want to order custom-made ones. Pre-made options sold at big box retailers aren't designed with your current cabinets in mind. This means the measurements may vary, providing a less-than-perfect fit. Custom-made cabinets are tailored to your cabinet's specific measurements.

5. Decide Between DIY Cabinet Refacing Vs. Hiring Professionals

If you have a tighter budget, DIY cabinet refacing may be a more suitable option. Hiring professional help can get pricey. If you have the time and creativity, DIY cabinet refacing can help you save money in the long run. If you aren't sure where to start, there are many online resources, YouTube videos, and how-to refacing tutorials available as a guide through the refacing cabinet door process.

Reface Your Cabinets With Unionlands Cabinetry

Whether you're just replacing the hardware or the entire door, we're here to help. At Unionlands Cabinetry, all of our cabinets are custom-made and made to order. Choosing to go with custom-made options ensures your new cabinet doors expertly fit the cabinets you currently have in your kitchen or bathroom. We're here to help you elevate your space and find a style that fits your budget.

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