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What Are Custom Cabinets? What You Should Know Before Buying

Are you considering a set-a-part cabinetry upgrade in your home? Perhaps in your lovely kitchen, bathroom, basement, bar, mudroom, or living room? And maybe you are wondering, What are custom cabinets?

As you take in the room(s) where you wish for new cabinetry and dream of the possibilities, you may soon realize that your ideal cabinet designs do not find a worthy match in any local hardware store.

Besides, your refined tastes for high quality and functionality urge you to discover cabinets that shuttle your kitchen or idealized room into a space unmatched by pure beauty and excellence.

If this is where you find yourself, then fully custom cabinets provide you the gateway to showcasing and enjoying extraordinary living experiences and sharing them with everyone who walks through your front door.

In this blog, discover what are custom cabinets, compare them to alternatives, see what makes people want custom cabinets, view some stunning custom cabinets for inspiration, and finally enjoy a free custom cabinet consultation.

What are Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets are cabinets that are specially designed with your tastes and preferences in mind and then meticulously handcrafted in a shop to be later delivered and installed inside your home. Custom cabinets are quality-built with real wood and can be as modern or traditional as desired. Custom-built cabinets are built to fit perfectly into your home no matter the available space’s size or height.

Do you wish for a flush cabinet space to access and show off your new and expensive expresso machine? How about set right beside the cabinet for your darling coffee mugs?

Yes. Custom cabinets deliver such luxury and stunning space details and dreams.

So, what are custom cabinets? In summary, they are the ability to make your kitchen and home perfectly reflect your style and personality!

What is the Difference Between Custom Cabinets and Stock?
Let’s break down the main differences between custom cabinets and stock cabinets with the following 4 categories.
1.Cabinet Availability
Custom Cabinets – Due to the specialized build of custom cabinets, they are not immediately available. Depending on the nature of the project, the wait time could range between 4-8 weeks per room and potentially a week to install.
Stock Cabinets – Immediately available for installation since they are pre-built and sold in local hardware stores.
2.Cabinet Quality
Custom Cabinets – Extraordinary high quality due to intricate and skilled craftsmanship and quality materials, hardware, and finishes.
Stock Cabinets – Tend to exhibit generic to low-grade quality due to its factory-like build, cheaper hardware, materials, and finishes. (This really depends though on the price of the stock cabinets. If they tend to be a lot cheaper keep in mind that you get what you pay for.)
3.Cabinet Customization
Custom Cabinets – There are no limits to how your cabinets can be designed. Custom cabinets are 100% customizable so they literally fit hand and glove into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. This uninhibited customization guarantees a one-of-a-kind cabinetry for your home.
Stock Cabinets – Since they are pre-built to size, style, and design, what you see is what you get. Thus, no customization is available for stock cabinets.
4.Cabinet Installation
Custom Cabinets – Requires a skilled carpenter to guarantee proper and effective installation due to its sometimes larger and intricate build and design.
Stock Cabinets – Almost anyone with basic DIY knowledge or experience can install stock cabinets due to their simpler pre-cut designs and sizes.

Why Do People Get Custom Cabinets?
Do you want certain rooms in your house to drop the jaws of your friends and family every time you have them over?
Better yet, do you wish to feel the awe, the pride, and the beauty of owning a luxurious kitchen, laundry, living room whose cabinets reflect your unique style and offers you complete ease of organization and storage?
If so, you already resonate with some of the reasons why people choose custom cabinetry.
However, some of main reasons why people get custom cabinetry because people want the following:
1.Cabinets that will last a lifetime + of seamless and stunning use
2.Guarantee of the highest-quality build and materials

3.Opportunity to incorporate their tastes, style, and touches into one of the most standout pieces of their main living spaces
4.Ease of storage and organization thanks to all the special built-in features available with custom cabinetry
5.A personal and unique experience in the room(s) of their choice

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